If you are a Whiskey lover or you are interested to explore some knowledge and facts about Episode Whisky, then this is for you. From many years’ people has witnessed the amazing taste of whisky and this unique blend of Episode Whisky. Episode Whisky is loved by many people in India as well as in different parts of the World. Episode Whisky is one of the largest brands that serves whisky from many years and has one of the oldest distilleries in India. This brand is generally known for serving authentic taste and aroma in Indian subcontinent from many years. Today we will get to know many interesting things about Episode Whiskey which every whiskey lover should know before buying. Also, you can get to know many aspects of Episode Whisky along with its Bottle price, Episode Whisky prince in Punjab, and Episode Whisky price in Rajasthan. So, let’s explore.

What is Episode Whisky?

Episode Whiskey is a luxury or we can say it’s a high brand quality of whisky known to be prepared with the finest ingredients. It takes many years for preparation and then served to you. Its unique blend of Indian malts and grains makes it taste so amazing which then aged oak barrels for up to three to six years. Then after, it is served for people with a perfect mix of aroma and its unique style, mellow taste that makes taste heavenly and thus people enjoy this more.

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Episode Whiskey Price:

The price of Episode Whiskey depends on the size of the bottle bought. The size of standard bottle which comes in 375 ml price Rs. 500. And so on 750 ml and 1 litre sizes bottle are up to Rs.1600. The larger the bottle the higher the price. It can cost approx. Rs.5000 of 2 litre bottle. So, the price varies according to the size. But one thing that is constant is that you get authentic and the original taste of Whisky.

Know about Episode Daru:

Episode Daru is another type of Episode Whiskey which is yet an amazing taste of Whisky. It is prepared with the mixture of malted barley and other different grains. And the time taken to prepare this whisky is almost 5 years. It has a sweet, malty and robust flavour which makes this aroma filled with soothing taste. The quantity varies with the price, the higher the size of the bottle, higher the price it goes.

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Episode Whiskey Bottle Price in India

The extraordinary yet amazing Episode Whisky Bottle price differs from state to state and is generally pocket-friendly in nature. However, if you wish to purchase the finest whisky of the century, then you might have to pay Rs.500 for 375 ml, Rs. 1,000 for 750 ml, and 1 litre bottle for Rs. 1,600. The best part of Episode Daru is that it comes in 2-litre bottle too. The 2-litre bottle of Episode whisky can cost you around Rs. 5,000 depending on the state from where you purchase it. The prime reason of difference is price of this whisky is due to state tax policy, store to store price and many others. Different state charge different amount of tax from the customers in order to provide liquor facility.

Episode Whisky Price in Rajasthan

The Episode Whisky or Episode Daru price in Rajasthan vary from store to store. However, if you willing to buy this aromatic whisky, then you can land up paying Rs. 600- Rs.800 for 375 ml bottle, while 750 ml bottle comes at Rs.1100 and 1-litre bottle comes at Rs.1600. In addition to this, you can purchase the Episode Whisky bottle of 2-litre by paying around Rs. 5,000.

Episode Whiskey Price in Punjab

If you reside in Punjab, and you are eagerly waiting to purchase Episode Whisky in Punjab, you can simply visit the liquor store and ask for Episode Whisky bottle. However, the Episode Whisky price in Punjab is different from other states. You will be required to pay Rs.500- Rs.700 for 375 ml bottle and on the other hand, if you wish to purchase a 750 ml bottle, you will be required to pay Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,500 for a 1-litre bottle in Punjab. The price of bottle above 2-litre can cost you around Rs. 5,000.


The Episode Whisky is one of the fines at and premium whisky India has ever produced for its citizens. The Episode Daru is a unique combination of Indian malts and grains that offers an aromatic experience because it is aged in an oak barrel for more than three years. The mellow taste of this whisky along with inviting aroma is enough to please whisky connoisseur. This whisky offers perfect taste when served with chilled ice, soda or cold drinks. However, if you are a whisky connoisseur and loves to take whisky with water and ice, you will be heart melt after taking sip. The prices for Episode Whisky and Episode Daru bottles vary depending on the size and type of bottle being purchased and can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. So if you are looking for an unforgettable whisky experience, then Episode Whisky is the perfect choice.


What is Episode Whisky?

The Episode Whisky is of the finest whiskeys ever produced in India. The Episode whisky is produced in Rajasthan and then marketed to other places in India.

What is the price of Episode Whisky?

The price of Episode Whisky varies depending on the type, size and region. The price of a 750ml bottle of Episode Whisky in Rajasthan is around Rs. 800, while a 750ml bottle of Episode Whisky in Punjab is priced around Rs. 1,000.

What is the price of Episode Bottle?

The price of Episode Bottle varies depending on the type, size and region. The price of a 750ml bottle of Episode Whisky in Rajasthan is around Rs. 800, while a 750ml bottle of Episode Whisky in Punjab is priced around Rs. 1,000.

What is the price of Episode Whisky in Rajasthan?

The price of a 750ml bottle of Episode Whisky in Rajasthan is around Rs. 800.

What is the price of Episode Whisky in Punjab?

The price of a 750ml bottle of Episode Whisky in Punjab is around Rs. 1,000.

What is the shelf life of Episode Whisky?

Episode Whisky has a shelf life of up to three years, if stored in cool, dark and dry conditions.

Are there any other products from the Episode range?

Yes, there is a range of other products from the Episode range, such as Episode Daru, Episode Bottle and Episode Premium.

What are the key flavor differences between Black Dog Scotch Whisky and Episode Whisky, and which one might be more suitable for my taste preferences?

The flavor differences between these two whiskies can significantly influence your choice. Black Dog Whisky is known for its rich, malty, and slightly smoky taste, whereas Episode Whisky may offer a different flavor profile. To determine which one is more suitable for your taste, it’s best to try both and see which aligns better with your personal palate.



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