The land of cultural and religious heritage, Tamil Nadu is one of the most beautiful places in India for tourists or pilgrims to visit. This state has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties like the Cholas, Cheras, and Pallavas, and each dynasty has enriched the place with its customs and traditions. Tamil Nadu is visited by many tourists to visit India’s famous Meenakshi Temple, Kanyakumari or the beautiful hill station of Ooty. The ruins of forts and palaces of the erstwhile great dynasties are a great attraction. The intricately carved structures of Mahabalipuram provide an insight into the architectural splendour of the Indian civilization. So, if you feel that you want to know about the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu, then you should read this article of ours. Surely after going to these places, you will not feel like returning.

One of the holiest places in India, Rameshwaram is situated on a beautiful island. It is separated from Sri Lanka by a short Pamban Channel. According to Hindu mythology, this is the place where Lord Rama built a bridge across the ocean to Sri Lanka. Rameswaram is situated on a beautiful island in the lower part of India. Lord Shiva is also worshipped at this place. Agnitheertham is famous for its holy water and pilgrims worship in honour of their ancestors by the banks of this sea. The Panch Mukhi Hanuman Temple has floating stones that were used to build the bridge between India and Sri Lanka.

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  • Chennai

It was earlier known as Madras. Chennai is the fourth largest city in the country and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South India. Chennai is a city with a rich cultural history, which has perfectly balanced its heritage with a modern lifestyle. The city has its fair share of historical museums and monuments. The most important of these is St. George’s Fort, which is believed to be one of the first British establishments in the country. Another tourist spot steeped in history is the Government Museum, which is a British-era building and has a very detailed record of India’s history. Other historic buildings include the National Art Gallery and the Connemara Public Library.

  • Ooty

Ooty is a good place for mountain lovers. It is also called the “Queen of Hills”. At one time it was the headquarters of the East India Company. Ooty was situated amidst the Nilgiri Hills at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level. Ooty is a very popular destination for couples and honeymooners. The toy train lets one enjoy the panoramic views of this beautiful hill station. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway has the longest track in the whole of Asia and is one of the best train rides you will ever get a chance to experience. While you are in the city, a visit to the famous Doddabetta Peak is a must. Ooty is the perfect and best vacation spot.

  • Kanchipuram

It is known for its beautiful Kanchipuram sarees and is also known as the ‘Golden City of a Thousand Temples. Kanchipuram is a popular tourist attraction in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram is a good place for people who believe in Hinduism. It is especially known for being a cultural and philosophical centre. The city is home to the famous Kanchi Kamakshi Temple, the consort of Lord Shiva. The Kailasanathar Temple is also popular and is known for its splendid architecture. The tallest, largest and most impressive temple in the city is the Ekambaeshwar Temple, spread over 40 acres. The Kanchi Math hosts Kutchi or South Indian classical music programs in the evenings.

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