In essence, the double cross necklace represents more than just a fashion statement; it bears a heavy historical weight and thus multiple connotations that are relatable to different cultures and creeds. In this article, you will find the meanings of the double cross necklace: its roots, purpose, and the different ways it is interpreted.

Origins of the Double Cross Necklace

The double cross necklace, also known as the Patriarchal cross or often as the Lorraine Cross, has been around for centuries. It is known for it having two horizontal bars and the upper bar is usually shorter than the lower bar. This has symbolized by different cultures as well as religions of course with many different meanings.

Early Christian Symbolism

The Greek cross represents the holiness of the trinity and was a symbol for Byzantine Empire in early Christian symbolism. In addition, the upper bar symbolizes the sign that Pilate placed on top of Jesus Christ the crucified, containing “INRI” (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews). The lower bar is believed to be the actual cross that Jesus was crucified on. This portrayal was designed to recall the sacrifice and kingship of Christ to the faithful.

The Cross of Lorraine

Yet another major source for the double cross is the Cross of Lorraine, so named because it appeared in the region of Lorraine in France. During World War II, under the leadership of Gen Charles de Gaulle, this cross became a symbol of the Free French Forces. Resistance and hope against the Nazi occupation. The double cross therefore gained a unique status as a symbol of liberty and resistance, and patriotism for many French people.

The Symbolic Meanings of the Double Cross Necklace

A double cross necklace can have different meanings depending on a lot of factors such as culture, religion, or what the person wearing it believes in. Discover five of the most common meanings behind this iconic statement piece.

Faith and Spirituality

The double cross necklace is a sort of charm of faith and spirituality to many individuals. That explained it was there to remind us about the Christian faith, the fact that Jesus died for us and we have hope for salvation. The double cross necklace can also be a testament to faith and a means of being carry spiritual beliefs close to the heart.

Strength and Resilience

Because it was once worn by the Free French Forces, the double cross necklace is frequently regarded as an image of quality and sturdiness. It symbolizes the bravery to oppose repression and the will to support their belief. We like that meaning because it speaks to people who see the necklace as a symbol of their perseverance and the battles they have won.

Duality and Balance

It shows the duality, the balance and the double cross. The crossing of elements is evident in these two parallel horizontal lines that can represent physical/spiritual; earthly/heavenly; matter/spirit. In this interpretation, it underscores the need for balance and harmony and tells the wearer to maintain equilibrium in their life.

Modern Interpretations and Fashion

In modern-day fashion, the double cross has become somewhat of a stylish side-kick, often taking on an air of irreverence from its intended symbolism. Double CrossConceptAnthropologists often cite the two-fold cross to be among the designs that have proved the most universal in the world of style.

Celebrity Influence

Double cross necklaces have also worn by lots of celebrities this symbol has now become a stylish symbol. Celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, and Johnny Depp have been capturing some major eyeballs by incorporating this seemingly otherworldly piece into their trendy lifestyle, amalgamating the historical and spiritual value of this accessory with the 21st-century fashion trends. This would explain the style element found in the necklace and why it has become so special and personal a piece is all thanks to this celebrity endorsement.

Personal Expression

For others, wearing a double cross necklace is an act of free identity. It may be their beliefs, experiences, or heritage. The double cross is versatile because the wearer can give it its own meaning making it a very personal piece.


A double cross necklace is an exclusive and deep-seated piece of jewelry etched with a variety of symbolic nuances. Rooted in early Christian symbolism, with subsequent use in the French resistance, to today, this ever-accurate symbol continues to spark inspiration. Whether you use it to represent faith, strength, balance or simply for how it looks, the double cross necklace is a timeless piece of jewelry for many people.